A while back a kid picked up a camera and, well, you probably know the rest. 



My name is James Young and I am a husband to a gorgeous wife, and I am a wedding and portrait photographer local to the Bay Area in Northern California. 

I am a geek and storyteller at heart.  I love all things tech and can probably put you to sleep three times over explaining to you in depth various questions about computers, cameras, and other technologies you'll wish you hadn't asked about.  Seriously, if you give me a cup of coffee, I can talk your ear off. 

I am also really into anything related to Marvel comics.  Venom is my favorite character in that universe, and a close second would have to be the great Tony Stark Aka Iron Man.  Talk nerdy to me and i'll blab on forever!


Photos, Photos, PHOTOS!

Throughout by photography career, I have used Nikon equipment as well as Sony equipment.  When you dive into my camera bag today, you will find tons and tons of Canon equipment.  That being said, the brand of camera equipment you use is merely a tool to accomplish a task.  My subjective choice to use Canon equipment does not shape my imagery nor any other photographer's imagery.  While it is true that you need high quality camera equipment to produce high quality images, the same is also true that you need a high quality photographer to produce high quality photographs. 

In addition to this website, I encourage you to find me on my various social media outlets.  You can check out what I am up to at FacebookInstagram, and especially my YouTube channel. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you!